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  1. N

    i5 8600 + rtx 2080 bottleneck ?

    Hello, Will my i5 8600 non-K paired with gtx 1080 ti/ or rtx 2080 work well? 1440p 144hz monitor Or would it bottleneck ? I guess it could be fine for 1440p? Thx
  2. I

    Question GTX 1060 6GB Mini & i5-5250u over Thunderbolt 2

    I'm planning on buying an egpu with thunderbolt 2 and hook it up on my iMac. So, will an i5-5250u bottleneck a Zotac GTX 1060 6gb Mini over Thunderbolt 2? If so will at least play games such as Overwatch, League of legends, Vampyr and Fortnite at 60 fps medium settings or lower? Also I'm using...
  3. RalphGoesToSpace

    i5 4570 + GTX 1070 or GTX 1060 doubts.

    Hey guys so I have currently an i5 4570 and a GTX 770, the 770 is definitely showing its age at this point so i have been thinking of upgrading to a 1070. However I am wondering if the 1070 would be a waste of money for 1080p @60hz ultra settings with my current setup or should I just get a...
  4. marcgopez21


    My processor is A6-5400k and my graphics card is RX-460? Will i experience a bottleneck?
  5. superstition

    Zen to be soldered This is great news (for everyone except the liquid nitrogen people and those selling delidding machines/services).
  6. M

    Critique this Setup, pls

    Greetings, a complete novice here. I just started research for building my first PC for gaming etc, and there is definitely a lot to lose yourself in. Based on some digging, I've reached the point where I have a good idea what my budget is - I won't say because I live in Canada. A $1000 spent...