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  1. M

    changing bios chip

    Hi I have a 970A-G46 motherboard when i was updating the bios it froze so i manually shut it off and now there is no post i want to change the chip but it is soldered on i could technically do it i have the tools but will that fix it?
  2. EXCellR8

    Titan Black NO VIDEO - Onboard Works

    I think my older Titan may have kicked the bucket. I am trying to produce video with one of my Gigabyte Z87 boards (latest BIOS) but have been unsuccessful. Power supply is 700W, should be adequate, but I see nothing when the computer is on. Removing the VGA card and enabling onboard graphics...
  3. EXCellR8

    Video Card PCB tweaked, not bad but fixable?

    Has anyone been successful at sorting out a tweaked PCB? I received an older Titan Black for some butter smooth 1080p gaming but the seller packed it terribly and both ends are slightly askew. I've already been refunded and they don't want it back but the card actually works; it has a half-cover...
  4. F

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