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  1. ultimatebob

    Discussion It's time for our annual Bitcoin price prediction thread!

    We're coming up on December soon, so it's time to have another one of our annual Bitcoin price prediction threads. We didn't do one of these last year, but Arcadio won it in 2019. He won 100 Coolcoin... which he can't really spend on anything. I'll try making the prize better this year. Since...
  2. ultimatebob

    So... where will Bitcoin be at the end of 2018?

    Since there seem to be a bunch of Bitcoin fans and Bitcoin haters in this forum, I figured that I'd put up this question just to see what comes up. The "winner" at the end of 2018 gets bragging rights, assuming that they posted their response before 2018 starts and they didn't edit it at any...
  3. Y

    CBOE Website Crashes As Futures Trading Begins; Bitcoin Price Squeezed 10% Higher

    I don't think the CBOE was ready for BTC, down the it goes: Trading servers are said to still be operational, if you can get to them...LOL...