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    Info MCST Elbrus cpu's benchmarks & e2k assembly code

    Hi! I did some benchmarks of Elbrus (E2K) cpu's. Here is compare result (Dhrystone, Whetstone, Linpack 100, Coremark, Scimark 2, MP MFlops):
  2. G

    Question Is there a description page of all hardware used in

    test results are jumping significantly from year to year, especially in terms of power usage (2018->2019 GPU tests): vega 64: 480->369 RX 590 369->280 etc But you have to look at different years as each year doesn't include all the cards.. unless there's an average fps comparison for all the...
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    Why does AnandTech and other reviewers use benchmarks instead of real games?

    A couple of questions about smartphones' performance measurement: 1) Why does AnandTech and other reviewers use benchmarks instead of real games, when testing smartphones' performance? What's wrong with GameBench or similar apps? 2) I found in some review that Injustice 2 played on Galaxy S9+...
  4. nathanddrews

    AMD Vega (FE and RX) Benchmarks [Updated Aug 10 - RX Vega 64 Unboxing]

    I'll try to update this thread as more benchmarks and details emerge. $499 RX Vega 64, $399 RX Vega 56 Launching August 14 Ryzen bundles, gaming bundles, FreeSync monitor bundles, watercooled variants, STRIX variants... ALL THE THINGS! Vega 64 Review Sample Unboxing
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    Nier: Automata Benchmarks [PCGH] Some very odd results and completely contradicts gamegpu. They used OCAT which is a PresentMon wrapper Sad that the game requires so many user based mods to make it playable.
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    Ghost Recon Wildlands Benchmarks (Release!) [PCGH]

    Note: They are not using the built in benchmark and had this to say about the difference in performance:
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    Halo Wars 2 Benchmarks [Computerbase]
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    Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Benchmarks

    PCGH found lots of streaming issues on NV Cards and pretty poor performance all around Anyone else find any benchmarks for the beta?
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    DX12 / Vulkan on a FX 8350 and Fury Nano [PCGamesHardware / PCGH]
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    Polaris and Pascal tested in 16 2016 Titles [HardwareUnboxed]
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    Resident Evil 7 Demo Benchmarks
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    Titanfall 2 Benchmarks

    Single player from PCGH so far, they did have this note not sure if someone can do a real translation as google translate isn't very clear:
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    Forza Horizon 3 Benchmark Thread

    Tested 1080, 1060, 480 by Joker - 1080 (372.90): 1080p: 84 / 68 1440p: 78 / 63 3440x1440: 68 / 59 4k: 60 / 51 1060 (372.90): 1080p: 65 / 55 1440p: 53 / 42 (noticed hitching) 480 (16.9.2): 1080p: 67 / 55 1440p: 54 / 53
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    BioShock Remastered Benchmarked [GameGPU] Original Game Remastered Original: Remastered: 4K 60fps Maxed settings on almost all video cards