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  1. burninatortech4

    VRM / Fan Advice

    Context: Running a Ryzen 7 1700 at 3.8ghz 1.375v with the Gigabyte AB350M-Gaming 3. My VRM temps routinely peak 80C running BOINC and sometimes during gaming. I have great airflow in my case [Define Mini C TG] with 4x 140mm intakes through a H110i and a 120mm exhaust. I've been told to get a...
  2. F

    ASUS B350-F Strix motherboard stopped working after one night?

    I recently purchased an ASUS B350-F Strix motherboard for my new build but had to RMA it because I had thought it was not turning on, and ASUS ended up sending what I believe to be a new one. It turns out I had forgotten that I need to short the PWR_SWITCH pins on the motherboard to get the cpu...
  3. F

    ASUS B350-F Strix's RGB and orange LED light up but nothing else works?

    Parts list: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/kJMPbj What I've done to try and fix it: I've tried rewiring everything, I've tried using another power supply, using different ram slots, and using different pcIE slots for the GPU. However, I still cannot get anything to post. The RGB on the...
  4. indydude345

    ASRock AB350M Pro-4... problems??

    I recently upgraded to the Ryzen 5 1600, and was looking at getting an X370 mobo, but it just didn't fit in my budget. I'm impatient, so I went with a B350 chipset. I knew deep down that it wouldn't OC that well, but I went with it anyway. Well, I kind of screwed myself, so to speak. It worked...
  5. A

    Ryzen 1700 or 1700X with X370 or B350 Motherboard

    I am going to build AM4 PC to play game or overclock. Does anyone know more of what the differences? What's the different between X370 and B350? What's the different between 1700 and 1700X? What's the XFR?