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    Question B350 3700x or Upgrade

    Hey boys I'm looking to see whether or not my ASUS STRIX B350-F is going to be enough for my 3700X. I got pretty decent airflow on my case and I'll prolly keep using my H7 as the cooler. I'm pretty sure that I do not want to buy a X570 so I'm really torn between just rolling with the B350...
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    ASUS B350-F Strix motherboard stopped working after one night?

    I recently purchased an ASUS B350-F Strix motherboard for my new build but had to RMA it because I had thought it was not turning on, and ASUS ended up sending what I believe to be a new one. It turns out I had forgotten that I need to short the PWR_SWITCH pins on the motherboard to get the cpu...
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    ASUS B350-F Strix's RGB and orange LED light up but nothing else works?

    Parts list: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/kJMPbj What I've done to try and fix it: I've tried rewiring everything, I've tried using another power supply, using different ram slots, and using different pcIE slots for the GPU. However, I still cannot get anything to post. The RGB on the...