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Forum discussion tagged with automotive.
  1. EXCellR8

    Recommend a Welder for Home Exhaust Repairs?

    Disclaimer: I'm not big into welding but I'm looking for a solid machine that can perform quick beads for mainly DIY exhaust repairs--mild and stainless steel. Of course the machine will only be as good as I can weld but I don't really need anything that I can use to create those gorgeous tight...
  2. S

    Insurance Claim Advice

    Hi, I recently rammed my car into a tree while parking it (unintentionally pressed accelerator instead of break). The hood is damaged and one of the head light glass is broken. I took the car to couple of auto body shops and they recommended I use Insurance claim as the cost would be high (>...
  3. Q

    New axleback on impreza (Way too loud)

    I recently put on a new axleback on my 04 impreza thinking it would make it a small bit louder. instead, the Turbo XS axleback is super loud, louder than the catback on my Altima. I want to know if there is a cheap way to quiet this down without replacing the muffler, maybe under $100. I...