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  1. Leoplate25

    BSOD "clock watchdog timeout"

    Hi, i just ran the intel burn test at stock speeds with my Intel i5-9600k (4.3ghz) and my ram at 3000mhz with XMP enabled (Corsair Vengeance Led White) to check system stability and i get this BSOD: "clock watchdog timeout". If i disable Turbo Boost, the test passes just fine. Mother is a...
  2. FlanK3r

    Question ROG Ryujin 360 - minireview

    History of CPU cooling is longride way. From basic coolers to extreme cooling as example LN2. We can remember 20 years ago...Yes, everything looks like stock boxed cooler :) But different was the cooler for AMD Thunderbird CPUs. Cooling systems were evolved, first home liquid cooling and...
  3. NEVERwinter

    Choosing between these laptops. Help!

    My Macbook Pro died last week, so I'm looking for a new one. A Windows one. I can get these laptops in similar price. But since I cannot try each one, I need help to choose. Especially if you have had hands-on experience between these: MSI PE60 2QE i7 5700 HQ - 16GB ddr3 - 2GB GTX 960M - 1TB...
  4. M

    Selecting best RAM for Ryzen 2600

    Hi! I am sorry for a bit noob question - I want to find and finely tune the fastest RAM possible for Ryzen Zen+ 2600 in the ITX case (Cryorig Taku or SilverStone SG13). So my questions are following: 1) What ITX X470 motherboard to choose to get most from the RAM? I am thinking between ASUS...
  5. DeadlyTitan

    MSI GPU with ASUS Motherboard? Help with RGB

    So i have an MSI Gaming X Trio GTX 1080 Ti card and Asus ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING Intel Motherboard, MSI Card comes with Msi Mystic Light and the asus board comes with Asus Aura Sync, i know using 2 different software's to controls RGB's will be bad and read some RGB's going dead cause of using 2...
  6. gx_saurav

    [Solved] Which brand for RX 480?

    Update - I have purchased MSI Armor Radeon RX 470, 8 GB. This thread has solved its purpose. Thanks for everyone's help. Hello, My current system is running an AMD FX 6300, 8 GB DDR3 1866 RAM & 3 year old Radeon R9 270X with 2 GB RAM & Corsair CX500 PSU. Update - I plan to upgrade my system...