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apple watch

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  1. #12!

    Suggestion: Stop listening to iOS/macOS -Android/Win whining, & 'review' gear!

    I'm sorry, don't wanna come across as a jerk, but as a lurking 'member' of Anandtech for many years - and a relatively quiet forum/comment participant... it's always sad reading your fantastic/in-depth reviews and 'deep dives' of ten or more pages --- and go to the comments to read the first...
  2. ibex333

    Apple Watch Series 2. Should I bother?

    I am a gadget freak. When something cool and useful appears, I must have it! That being said, I am also practical, and don't want to waste money. I owned the original Moto 360, Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, and LG G2. All these watches sucked because their HR monitor and step count was always highly...
  3. Kazukian

    Apple keynote thread

    Nike going over the Apple Watch/Nike collaboration.