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  1. Coool

    AnandTech SVG Logo

    Hi! Couldn't find AnandTech logo in SVG format. I prefer square type. Can you share or provide link? Yes I know I can convert it myself. But original is original. P.S. Fix missing image URL Thanks.
  2. mindless1

    Data Breach

    I don't usually use Chrome browser on ATF, but today I did and upon going to ATF, I get this Chrome (generated) pop up warning that both Is this something everyone else knew about and I'm late to the party because (maybe) my main use browser on ATF apparently blocks some popup notifications...
  3. BudAshes

    Discussion Are We an Amazing Group of People?

    I feel like that might be overselling us a bit... What should this actually say?
  4. Viddyvane

    The "What You Love About AnandTech" Swag Giveaway

    Hey there AnandTech members! As we wrap up for the summer, our team wanted to take a moment to keep on keeping on for our forums users with some hot swag! This giveaway will be running from 12 pm EST August 13 to 12 pm EST August 23rd Eastern Standard Time. Be sure to enter the giveaway...
  5. brainhulk

    If you were a school police officer, would you confront an active shooter with a AR-15?

    Or would you take cover and wait for SWAT? Make your decision in 10 seconds.
  6. FeuerFrei

    Anandtech is just another ShopSavvy site

    Visit Tom's Hardware (link below) and look at the top and bottom of the page for links to Anandtech. Other Shopsavvy sites LaptopMag Live Science Tom's Hardware TopTenReviews AnandTech Tom's Guide Newsarama We're just here to help people "shop savvy" now ... *yawn*...