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  1. K

    Help with PSU Amp ratings

    Hi. I don't know much about power supplies and Amp ranges. I can only find an Enhance ENP-replacement with the correct wire connections to replace a Seventeam ST-220FUB-05E for an OWC Rack Array. The amps are off a bit between the two and I'd like to know if it might be an issue. I'm using two...
  2. Q

    Input current of this fan?

    Does anyone know what the input current current (amps) of this fan is? I checked their website, but they didn't say. I need it to be below .3 amps for what I'm planning with a fan controller. I assume it is indeed below that...
  3. B

    Car audio power caps

    Does anyone yif u can hook to a cap via the terminal posts without the screws that actually go n2 the middle of the terminal posts?