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  1. ultimatebob

    The Echo Loop, what's the deal with this thing?

    So, I saw that amazon.com is selling this new widget called the Echo Loop, which is basically an Amazon Echo on a ring. Judging from Amazon's past "success" with mobile products, I bet that this thing has about 20 minutes of battery life and can only be heard when it's about six inches away...
  2. C

    Amazon Echo

    Hi, I'm part of a group from the London School of Economics conducting some preliminary research on the Amazon Echo. We would be grateful if you could share your thoughts through our survey. The survey (linked below) should only take around 3 minutes to complete, thank you in advance...
  3. FelixDeCat

    Google Home or Amazon Echo?

    Which home assistant do you / would you use? edit: 05/02/2020 - Finally got an Echo Dot for $9.99.