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  1. IEC

    Ryzen 2700X 8-Core Socket AM4 CPU (YD270XBGAFBOX) - $280.49 AC ends 1PM PST

    This is via Newegg's eBay storefront: https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMD-RYZEN-7-2700X-8-Core-3-7-GHz-4-3-GHz-Max-Boost-Socket-AM4-105W-YD270XBGAFBOX/292522923343? 1) You must be an eBay member, and have the eBay mobile app installed. There is currently a promo running until 1PM PST with a (coupon...
  2. Trender

    Help me choosing a motherboard for my Ryzen

    Hello, I don't know which mobo get for my Ryzen. I've been looking those that are withing my budget: - ASRock X370 Killer (mainly). - ASUS X370 Prime Pro (this one would be kinda out of my budget, but can do an effort if its worth, I saw really easy OC on the forum with an user using a program...
  3. Doom2pro

    Corsair finally has AM4 brackets for free on their store!

    Ryzen site for Corsair: http://www.corsair.com/ryzen Coupon Code: CORSAIRAM4BR
  4. superstition

    Should AMD spin off high-level SIMD to a separate chip?

    Consider the following: 1) CPUs used to do the work of GPUs. We can see from the evolution of the discreet GPU the advantages of having them separate: a) nimbleness – upgrade GPU without having to upgrade CPU/board b) more chip space – more space to use for transistors from having separate...