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    Question Whats the difference between these Alphacool fittings?

    Alphacool "Eiszapfen" vs. Alphacool "HF" Their measurements are the same. Each chrome-plated brass. First the 90s: Eiszapfen 90, 7.45 euro: HF 90, 6.45 euro: Next the 45s: Eiszapfen 45, 9.95 euro: HF 45, 6.45 euro: Any idea?
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    Question Which of these 2 fittings is better?

    $6.22, Alphacool, 1/2" barb, 90° rotatable $13.50, Bitspower, 1/2" barb, 90° rotatable At 2x the price I cant tell which I should get. I'm mainly concerned about leaks. At the G1/4 threads, or the rotatey part, or the barb. Alphacool & Bitspower are such big names, I don't understand the...