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  1. J

    Hardware and/or Software solution needed for reliable remote access

    I would like to know what would be an ideal case solution for remotely accessing a windows machine. I know it sounds simple, but I'm keen on building a robust solution that can weather the accidental reboot or two. I hear good things about UltraVNC but portforwarding on the network the host...
  2. T

    Can't access from my smartphone

    Hi Can't access from my smartphone (Android 4.3, no upgrade without root). Other sites access OK, as well as from my home PC (same IP). I didn't install any app or launcher recently (at least a few months) and never had such problem. I tried different browsers...
  3. KeithTalent

    Access Database question

    We have an Access database at work which brings up information for people making products on our production line (specifications, steps involved, etc). So they enter the product and everything they need comes up so they can make the product. Unfortunately the database was created in Access by...
  4. A

    USB Drives Not Appearing in 'My Computer' - Please Help! (Solved!)

    When I plug a USB flash drive into my computer, it makes the normal sound like when a USB device is plugged in but the USB drive doesn't appear in the Windows Explorer. All other USB devices seem to function properly (headset, mouse, keyboard, bluetooth adapter, etc.). My OS is Windows 7 x64...