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  1. A

    Is m.2 nvme overkill what I need?

    I currently edit footage taken from the GH5 which can record up to 400 Mbps. Samsung 850 Evo can already hit read/write speeds of 500 Mbps so would that be enough to smoothly edit my footages off of or would the Samsung 960 pro still benefit me? Plus there is a very nice sale for the 1tb models...
  2. Guilherme

    HELP ME Point Of View GTX 960

    Hello, i have a Point Of View GTX 960, i'm using it since July, 2015. I always look the temperature while i'm playing, by a month the gpu isn't working well. I use the MSI Afterburner to check the temperature and to set the fan control, the temperature it's going high for nothing. For example, I...
  3. B

    GeForce GTX 460, 560, 660, 760, 960 & 1060 compared [Computerbase]

    https://www.computerbase.de/2017-01/geforce-gtx-760-960-1060-vergleich/ For AMD version see this thread: https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/radeon-5770-6870-7870-270x-380-rx-480-compared-computerbase.2497727/