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  1. N

    Question i7 6700k - High Temp issue

    I have a gaming build which is close to four years old now (built it in 2016). Specs: CPU - Intel i7 6700k @ 4GHz. Turbo upto 4.2 GHz (no overclocking) GPU - Zotac GTX 970 (no overclocking) CPU Cooler - H100i GTX Motherboard - Asus E3 Pro Gaming v5 BIOS version - 2606 Case - Corsair C70...
  2. P

    6700K Delid Results (Conductonaut and Kryonaut) w/ Pictures

    Hello everyone, I know the 6700K is no longer a new CPU, but for those interested in delidding their i7-6700K or would like pictures for reference, I figured I'd post my results. Pre-warning... I use 'Conductonaut' and 'Liquid Metal' interchangeably in this thread. To start off with, I used: *...
  3. superstition

    6700K at 1.15V -- should I bother with offset?

    I am setting up a VR-centric ITX system for a friend and wanted to try undervolting to see if I can reduce temperature under load. I tried various reductions and ended at 1.15 (with level 2 LLC in the AsRock Gaming ITX/AC board and Corsair H90). I've read that using the offset voltage is more...
  4. D

    6700K Deliding Advice/opinions

    Good day fellow Ananders! (I'm a newbie on this account after forgetting my credentials from my circa '04 profile so a fresh start was needed) I recently built my pretty close to dream build (without having to take out a loan or start slinging dope) specs as follow; Asus Z170 Hero ( was going...