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    Mass Effect Andromeda Aiming for a 60fps 1080 experience [Digital Foundry]

    Wish they would have covered what the differences in IQ made when lowering the settings, but both 480 and 1060 can offer very nice 1080p @ 60 experience
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    480 Benchmarked every 10mhz from 670 -> 1380

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Xgm6hKO5iYZOK-mKZKrPN22SPtG8U5RzQJNNnjLErbE/edit?usp=sharing https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/5tba1z/benchmarked_my_rx_480_every_10mhz_from_670_all/ Another guy posted this comment which also has some great data...
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    Radeon 5770, 6870, 7870, 270X, 380 RX 480 compared [Computerbase]

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    PCGH Updated their 480 review (4 months later)

    http://www.pcgameshardware.de/AMD-Radeon-Grafikkarte-255597/Tests/RX-480-Test-1199839/2/ Google Translate below:
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    RX 480 not an acceptable upgrade from my GTX 780

    Just saw some benchmarks comparing these two cards and checked out hwcompare.com and I came to the conclusion that the performance upgrade would not be significant enough to warrant an upgrade. Sure more VRAM and DX12 support would be nice, but new games can still use DX11 and I can play these...
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    Jet - 480 4gb Sapphire Nitro+ for $192

    https://jet.com/product/SAPPHIRE-NITRO-Radeon-RX-480-100406NT4GOCL-4GB-256-Bit-GDDR5-PCI-Express-30-x16-/758dadb8e5d541da8c80e19734c8bcb4 TRIPPLE3 with bottom pricing option. If mods want to move it to hot deals thats fine, just figured people wanting one could at least see it here. Fury is...