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    Question VRM (and mosfet?) Thermal Pads Not In Contact With Zotac 2080 AMP Mid Plate

    Thank you guys so much for your time. I am grateful for any help with this matter. Quick precursor: I'm trying to reinstall the stock Zotac 2080 AMP triple fan cooler after liquid cooling the card. The stock thermal pads had been disposed and I did not think to take photos for reference so I...
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    Simple question, simple answer: GTX 1080 Ti or RTX 2080 for gaming

    Hey all, the topic states the decision. Main usage gaming at 2560x1440p 144hz. From benchmarks I can see that the RTX 2080 is better but by not so much though (~5fps). The price difference is $180 up to $227 depends on the manufacturer.
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    Gtx2080Ti- NVlink improve gaming FPS, support??

    This has been a frustrating topic because I can't find any answers. The gtx2080Ti is rumored to be coming out and with an Nvlink. I can find all kinds of info how Nvlink works for scaling computational models, cad, math programs etc, but I can find NOTHING on how, or IF it can improve Game...