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  1. Bobsy

    Question ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q vs. ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ

    I have been using a Dell 2408WFP as my primary monitor for several years now. IPS, 1920x1200, but definitely NOT a gaming monitor. I would like to upgrade to a proper 27" 1440p (so I can push pixels with my old GTX 1060 6 GB). I've read some very positive reviews of the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ...
  2. J

    27" Acer XF270HUCbmiiprzx Gaming

    Hey all. Does any of you have experience with this model? Store told me it is a new model. But maybe someone has already experinece with it. In Europe it goes for 350 euros which is great price for 1440p 144hz. Prod.num.: UM.HX0EE.C03
  3. J

    What to upgrade for 1440p at 144hz?

    Hi. My current setup is this: i5 6500 GTX MSI 1070 8gb MSI B150M Ram 16gb Corsair RM550x SSD 850 evo I would like find out what would give me the best performance upgrade for 1440p at 144hz. I assume it would be 1080ti? Do I have to go for i5 8600k as with 1080ti my current cpu would...
  4. DeadlyTitan

    GTX 1080 vs 4K max modded Skyrim At 2k Res

    Can a GTX 1080 run a max modded skyrim legendary edition (Not special edition) at 1440p @ 144hz? I am planning to use a lot of 4k Textures and Heavy ENB and all the eye candy mods (Grass, trees, weathers, etc) and i'll be cranking up all the settings to the max. I always wanted to do this...
  5. delatroy

    Upgrading to the 8700k after 7 years. Advice on this build please. $2,000+

    Salvaging some parts from my current system to upgrade to the Z370 / 8700k that's coming soon. Want to pick up some parts in the meantime and wanted to get advice on the parts that I've selected. Considering to buy CPU: Intel - Core i7-8700K Six-Core Processor ($400.00) Thermal Compound...
  6. B

    NIXEUS displays 27" 1440p IPS 30-144hz Freesync Gaming Monitor ~$449, 32" 4K Freesync