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  1. goldstone77

    Samsung announced that it has built the world's smallest 8-gigabyte DDR4 DRAM chips ever

    by Brandon Hill — Wednesday, December 20, 2017 Samsung DDR4-3600 2nd Gen 10nm DRAM Chips Now In Production
  2. Dayman1225

    Intel cleans up its (Custom) foundry act

    Intel, ARM deepen foundry ties pages 2 - 5 Personal thoughts : ICF is on the right track - but they have one crucial thing they have to get right to gain trust and gain partners and that is ensuring their nodes are competitive - and delivered on time (or even better, earlier...
  3. Dayman1225

    Intel Corp. Reportedly "Vying Aggressively" for Huawei Chip Orders

    Intel Corp. Reportedly "Vying Aggressively" for Huawei Chip Orders
  4. bob4432

    Is 10/14nm the max for silicon? Where do we go from here? The end of Moore's Law?

    I will preface this question that I have been into computers pretty heavily from 1995 to about 2010 when I went into embedded systems and the design of multirotor flight controllers as they switched from 8bit to 32bit. Now, in 2017, back to computers and I am reading and seeing 10/14nm a...
  5. S

    Intel Coffee Lake and Cannonlake in H2-2017, Icelake in 2018 (DigiTimes)

    Mainstream 6C/12T next year, followed by a new CPU architecture in 2018? www.digitimes.com/news/a20160904PD201.html Original Coffee Lake 'leak' from PC Watch in July (mobile roadmap):