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Forum discussion tagged with 1060.
  1. TurtleCrusher

    Max-Q running at full speed

    Hello everyone, Just picked up a Dell 7577 with the 1060 6GB Max-Q installed. The performance has been great but I was wondering if I had made a mistake going with the limited version of the 1060 6GB. I looked at GPUz after gaming and didn't believe the numbers I saw. It denotes it as being the...
  2. U

    Seasonic 520W Fanless - 4 x Zotac 1060 6GB mini GPUs

    Hi everyone, I'm considering building my first desktop pc / mining rig with the Seasonic 520W Fanless PSU and up to 4 x Zotac 1060 6GB mini (6-pin power input) GPUs, each working at power consumption of 100W or less. PSU specification says the unit has 4 x 6/8-pin PCIe connectors. On the front...
  3. J

    Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB - Dual Screen gaming??

    I recently bought the Gig. GTX 1060 3Gb gpu from newegg, my cousin referred it to me and said it would everything I play more than good, so i went with it (hes pretty fimiliar with pc stuff). So now that I am slowly becoming a pc gamer (was console) I was wanting to dual screen - main monitor...
  4. B

    Mass Effect Andromeda Aiming for a 60fps 1080 experience [Digital Foundry]

    Wish they would have covered what the differences in IQ made when lowering the settings, but both 480 and 1060 can offer very nice 1080p @ 60 experience
  5. B

    GeForce GTX 460, 560, 660, 760, 960 & 1060 compared [Computerbase]

    https://www.computerbase.de/2017-01/geforce-gtx-760-960-1060-vergleich/ For AMD version see this thread: https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/radeon-5770-6870-7870-270x-380-rx-480-compared-computerbase.2497727/
  6. P

    how o buy Gtx1060 for laptop

    I am trying to build my own laptop and I would like to know how i can buy a Gtx1060 for laptops. I know it is a pretty hard thing to do but I'm doing it anyways. Thanks
  7. B

    RX 480 not an acceptable upgrade from my GTX 780

    Just saw some benchmarks comparing these two cards and checked out hwcompare.com and I came to the conclusion that the performance upgrade would not be significant enough to warrant an upgrade. Sure more VRAM and DX12 support would be nice, but new games can still use DX11 and I can play these...
  8. B

    GTX 1070 size?

    I have fit a GTX 780 into my case, but if this card is larger than that, I will have trouble fitting it in. The alternative to this would be to get a 1060 with 6gb memory if that card is smaller. A new case would be the best but I have limited budget on my upgrades.
  9. ultimatebob

    3GB GTX 1060 Benchmarks?

    Has any review site done benchmarks for the new $199 3GB version of the GTX 1060? I'm curious how much of a performance difference there is between the 3 GB and 6 GB cards.
  10. SeanGorry

    GTX 1060

    Installed a MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X today, booted fine and all that. Went to download drivers, and this: I also tried the version before that one. Would the Win 10 anniversary update be causing this?