iOS 12 is well appreciated by people owing to the brilliant degree of intuitiveness and responsiveness of the user interface. Additionally, appearance customization can be done to many of the applications. Users might not be able to hear the Skype ringtone when they receive a call when their iPhone device is locked. To tackle this issue, you will have to change the alert style of the Skype application. Here is how you can allow the Skype ringtones to be heard even if your iPhone device is locked.

Step 1
Select ‘Settings’

The first step is to select the ‘Settings’ option from the list of applications displayed in the home screen of your iPhone device. On clicking settings, you will notice the various device related settings and you can also alter the settings of your applications.

Step 2
Select ‘Skype’

In the 'Settings' menu options, as you scroll down you will find a list of applications present in your iPhone device. Scroll down and select the ‘Skype’ application to modify the Skype notification settings.

Step 3
Select ‘Notifications’

In the Skype settings menu, the user has to ensure that the toggle is switched on for contacts, photos, microphone, camera and background app refresh. This will ensure that when the user launches Skype, these features can be accessed by the user. Select the ‘Notifications’ option.

Step 4
Select ‘Alerts’

In the notifications option, the user should choose the correct alert style when locked. To ensure that the Skype rings even when the iPhone device is locked, you will have to choose the ‘Alerts’ style as shown below in the alert app style menu option. This will ensure that the Skype ringtone is heard even when the device is locked.

You can now ensure that the Skype ringtone is heard even when the iPhone device is locked by following the above steps.