With the rapid diffusion and instant accessibility of internet, it’s important to monitor a child’s activities on the web. The Parental Control feature in Windows 10 enables you to do that. It allows you to set certain restrictions and set limits to a child’s consumption of the internet. However, to use this feature, ensure your child has a Microsoft account. Now, let’s see how to use Parental Control in Windows 10.

Step 1
Click 'Start'

Navigate to the bottom-left corner of the screen and hit the 'Start' button. It will launch a panel with multiple options.

Step 2
Click 'Settings'

Click the 'Settings' icon in the pane, and it will open up a window with various settings control.

Step 3
Select 'Accounts'

Select 'Accounts' from the multiple settings control options. It will open up a window with various 'Accounts' settings options.

Step 4
Select 'Family & Other Users'

From the list of options on the left in the window, select 'Family & Other Users'. It will open up all the control and setting options for family members and other users you want to add.

Step 5
Select 'Add a Family Member'

Select the option 'Add a Family Member' under 'Your Family'. It will launch a new window.

Step 6
Select 'Add a child'

Hit the button adjacent to 'Add a child', and type in the email address of his or her account.

Step 7
Click 'Next'

Once you have added in the details, click 'Next'. It will register your child as a family member.

Step 8
Click 'Manage Family Settings Account'

Now, navigate back to the Accounts menu, and click 'Manage family settings account'. It will open up a web page which allows you to track your kid’s recent activity and set restrictions to web browsing, games, etc.

Following these simple steps, you cab use Parental Control in Windows 10.