Windows 10 is the youngest one in the array of Windows operating systems yet it is packed with features present in none. Many people like to download their local maps or of a destination for travel ease. With Windows 10, you can do that in-house without downloading any third-party application. Here’s how you can use offline maps in Windows 10.

Step 1
Open ‘Settings’
Click on the 'Start Menu' and search for 'Settings'.

Step 2
Open 'Offline Maps'

On the left-hand side search bar type in 'Offline' and select 'Offline Maps'. Then you can click on 'Download Maps (+ icon)'.

Step 3
Select a 'Continent'

You can now select your preferred continent. I’ve selected Asia here.

Step 4
Select Your 'Locality'

You will now have to select your 'Country/Locality' and it will start downloading the maps for offline use.

And that is how you can easily use offline maps in windows 10 with just a few clicks.