On the Windows 10 operating system, each user will be assigned a unique identifier. This is termed as the advertising ID. This ID is completely responsible for tracking and collecting the activities information. This information is used by advertisers to show some targeted advertisements in applications. In case you don't wish to see advertisements on the apps based on your activities, you are provided with a choice to disable this feature. Here is how you can turn off your advertising ID in windows so that you don't see personalized advertisements.

Step 1
Select ‘Settings’

Firstly, the user has to press the windows icon button that is present at the lower left of the taskbar. Then the user has to select the ‘Settings’ option as shown below to view the different windows 10 settings.

Step 2
Select ‘Privacy’

In the 'Settings' option, the user has to click the ‘Privacy’ option as shown below. On clicking the privacy option, all privacy settings related to different features like camera, location of your windows 10 system gets displayed.

Step 3
Select ‘General’

In the privacy settings dialog box, the user has to choose the ‘General’ option in the left pane as shown below. You can then find the general privacy enabling option on the right side.

Step 4
Turn Off 'Advertising ID'

You can turn off the 'Advertising ID' option by clicking its slide bar as shown below. You can turn on this feature by again clicking the 'Advertising ID' option.

You can now easily turn off your advertising ID in windows 10 system by following the above steps in a sequential manner.