Windows Defender is a great feature found in Windows 10 to protect you and your data from malicious malware and attacks. Some people that use their computer out of internet or because they simply want to use another antivirus they like best disengage the feature. Follow these simple steps and turn off Windows Defender.

Step 1
Go for the 'gpedit.msc' Command

Pressing the 'Windows Logo + R Key' together engages the ‘Run’ menu. Once it appears, write ‘gpedit.msc’ on it and click 'OK' or simply press the 'Enter Key'.

Step 2
Choose the Option ‘Turn Off Windows Defender Antivirus’

The 'Local Group Policy Editor' menu contains this option as a part of the 'Windows' options. From this option you can turn on and off 'Windows Defender'.

Step 3
Enable this Policy

Put the marker on the ‘Enabled’ option of the menu. If you disable this policy, 'Windows Defender' will remain on and if you enable it, it will disengage 'Windows Defender'. Bear in mind when doing this that disabling 'Windows Defender' will leave your computer defenseless unless you have a substitute or are disconnected from the internet.

To make this change in your computer settings, you will be required to reboot it.