There isn't a unique way to stop notifications on Windows 10, but this is by far the most effective of them. Follow the simple steps in this tutorial and say goodbye to those annoying notifications disturbing your work all the time.

Step 1
Click-Open the ‘Start’ Menu

If you have a tactile screen, tap on the 'Windows' logo; you can do the same with your mouse or just press the ‘Windows’ logo key on your keyboard. Any and all these actions will bring up the 'Start' menu.

Step 2
Click-open the ‘Settings’ Menu

Click on the word ‘Settings’ to bring up this menu. The 'Settings' menu will pop up and the 'Start' menu will collapse.

Step 3
Select ‘Privacy’

Click on the ‘Privacy’ option at the ‘Settings’ menu. This will allow you to get to the 'Security & Privacy' settings in your Windows 10.

Step 3
Go to ‘Background Apps’

Choose the last option on the ‘Privacy’ menu, called ‘Background Apps’. This action will populate the ‘Background Apps’ menu on the right side of your screen.

Step 4
Turn off the Apps you Don't Want to Receive Notifications from

Turn off from the list all the apps you don´t want to receive notifications from by sliding each of the switches to off.

Disabling these apps on the background will prevent them from sending any notifications to you in the future. Another great thing about doing this is that they will stop draining your battery and eating up your available memory too.