Wi-Fi connection in MAC OS X is established similarly just as in the other systems, but there might be certain problems faced while connecting to the Wi-Fi. To overcome such problems, we can trouble shoot the connectivity of network in MAC OS X by just following some easy steps discussed in the tutorial below.

Step 1
Click on the ‘Wi-Fi Symbol’

Click on the ‘Wi-Fi Symbol’ available on the top right corner and select the ‘Open Network Preferences’ option.

Step 2
Click on ‘Advanced Option’

Click on the ‘Advanced’ Option given in the bottom right corner.

Step 3
Click on ‘TCP/IP’

Select the 'TCP/IP' tab and click on the ‘Renew DHCP Lease’ Tab.

Step 4
Go to the ‘Wi-Fi’ Tab

Select the networks present under the ‘Wi-Fi’ option to delete each and every network available in the screen.

Step 5
Delete ‘Available Networks’

Use the ‘-’ sign to delete each and every available network and click on the ‘OK’ button.

Step 6
Click on ‘Keychain Access’

Click on the ‘Login’ option. Now sort the data available using the ‘Kind’ subtask under the options available.

Step 7
Delete All the ‘Application Password’

Delete all the available ‘Application Password’ types and restart your computer.

Step 8
Click on ‘Wi-Fi’ Option Available on the screen.

By clicking on the ‘Wi-Fi’ option, it might ask for the password as you have reset all the network settings to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection. Enter the ‘Password’ to get connected.

By using the above-mentioned steps, you can easily troubleshoot and get connected to the Wi-Fi on your MAC.