iOS is well known for its user-friendly, interactive, responsive and user interface. It also provides easy gesture moves to perform some functionalities. You might want to transfer some files directly from your PC device to the iOS 12 device for reference. The files can be of any format, can be the image, video, sound or a normal file. You can perform this using the Phone Drive application easily. Here is how you can transfer your files from PC to iOS 12 device.

Step 1
Select ‘App Store’ from iOS 12 Device

Firstly, the user has to select the ‘App Store’ application from the list of applications visible on your iOS device. App Store will let you download the application you prefer.

Step 2
‘Download’ and ‘Install’ ‘Phone Drive’

In the App Store, search for the ‘Phone Drive’ application, click download and begin with the installation process. The user has to then click the ‘Open’ button as shown below.

Step 3
Select ‘Synchronization’ Button

In the Phone drive application, the user has to select the ‘Synchronising’ operation that would allow the synchronization of files to happen with your PC and the iOS 12 device.

Step 4
Select ‘Mac/PC File Transfer

After clicking the synchronization button, you will find the list of sharing options as shown below. Here the user has to select the ‘Mac/PC File Transfer’ to begin the transfer of files from PC to iOS 12.

Step 5
Note the Mac/PC File Transfer Link

Ensure that the PC and iOS 12 device is connected to the same 'Wi-Fi Network'. You should note down the 'HTTP Bonjour Name' and the 'HTTP IP Address' for reference.

Step 6
Type the URL in Web Browser

Open the web browser and type the URL ‘http://ipad.local’ as shown below. This will open the Phone drive application and allow you to begin the transfer of files from PC to iOS 12.

Step 7
Drag and Drop Files to Phone Drive

Open the window that has the files to be transferred. You need to drag and drop the files to the web browser where the phone drive is opened for the file transfer to begin to your iOS 12 device.

Step 8
Transferred Files Get Displayed in your iOS 12 Device

The user can now the files transferred in the Phone drive application of your iOS device as shown below.

You can now easily transfer the files from the PC to your iOS 12 device by following the above steps.