iOS version 12 was aimed at providing a more productive, responsive, interactive and instantaneous user experience. Though the iOS beta version can provide a lot of benefits, it makes your iOS device unstable and affects the normal functionalities. In these cases, you will want to switch from the iOS beta version to the latest iOS public release. Here is how you switch from the iOS beta to the official version.

Step 1
Select ‘Settings’

The initial step is to select the ‘Settings’ application from the list of applications present in your iOS device. In settings, you will find a wide range of options that include general, memory, storage settings, etc.

Step 2
Select the ‘General’ Option

In the 'Settings' option, you will find the choices related to notifications, display, brightness, controls, battery, privacy, etc. You need to click the ‘General’ option as shown below.

Step 3
Click the ‘Profile’ Option

In the 'General Settings', the user will common settings option for their iOS device like the date & time, keyboard, dictionary, etc. Here the user should select the ‘Profile’ option.

Step 4
Select the ‘iOS Beta Software Profile’

In the 'Profile Settings', you will find the profile of your iOS device listed as shown below. In this case, the user has to click the ‘iOS Beta Software Profile’ as shown below to switch back to the official version.

Step 5
Select the ‘Remove Profile’ Option

After selecting the iOS beta profile version, you will find details that include the description of the profile version and what it contains. You need to select the ‘Remove Profile’ option.

Step 6
Enter the Passcode’

After clicking the 'Delete Profile Option' of the chosen profile, you will have to enter the ‘Passcode’ option for the confirmation of the delete operation.

Step 7
Select the ‘Software Update’ Option

After deleting the iOS beta version profile, you can now perform the 'Software Update' if available. To do this, select the ‘Software Update’ option as shown below.

Step 8
Check for the Updates

In the 'Software Update' option, you can either check for an updated iOS version. Generally, you will already find yourself with the official version in your iOS device.

You can now easily switch from the iOS beta version to the official version by following the above steps.