Skype is the best app to use for making video and audio calls to individuals and groups globally. It is ideal for professional and personal use. To have Skype updated on Windows 10, automatic updates are an easy and effective way.

Unfortunately, the update takes a long time to download. This can cause serious delays in your work. As the updates occur by default you will be at a loss on how to deal with the issue. Don’t worry; it is possible to disable the automatic Skype update. Here are the steps you have to follow:

Step 1
Search for 'Microsoft Store'

Click on the ‘Cortana Search’ and select the Microsoft store present in the desktop windows taskbar. You may have to sign in to access the 'Microsoft Account'.

Step 2
Go to 'Settings'

In the window that opens for the Windows store, select user profile and click on it. Click the three dots icon located at the top right side. From the drop-down menu choose 'Settings' option.

Step 3
Turn Off 'Update Apps Automatically'

You will be taken to the 'Settings' page where you will see an ‘Update apps automatically option’. Turn the option to ‘Off’ position.

When you turn off the automatic apps update option, all games and apps in your computer will stop receiving Microsoft updates.