In the Mac OS X system, you can ensure that the battery percentage gets displayed on your Mac screen. Finding the battery level in the form of percentage in your desktop screen will you in easily realizing the battery level of your system when in use. You will find this option in the energy saver settings. Here is how you can enable the option for showing the battery percentage on your system.

Step 1
Select ‘System Preferences’

Click the apple icon found at the top left as shown. From the option, click ‘System Preferences’ to view all the Mac system settings.

Step 2
Choose ‘Energy Saver’

In the system preferences window, you will find many options pertaining to the hardware, software, internet, and personal settings. Select the ‘Energy Saver’ option to view settings related to battery and power.

Step 3
Select ‘Show Battery Status’

In the energy save settings dialog box, click the ‘Battery’ tab. You must now enable the checkbox for ‘Show Battery Status in the Menu Bar’. This will allow the battery value to get displayed in the menu bar.

Step 4
Selecting ‘Percentage’

Click the battery symbol present at the top right of the screen. From the option, click on ‘Percentage’ option to view the battery value in the form of a percentage.

Step 5
Showing 'Battery Percentage'

You will notice the battery percentage getting displayed as shown above in the menu bar of your Mac OS X screen

‘Thus, you can show the battery percentage on the Mac OS X by following the above steps’.