For people that store highly confidential information or just for the ease of use, Windows 10 has a new feature called ‘Windows Hello’ that can recognize your face and use it for sign in. It is not a complicated process, but you need to know which menu to go and which options to select. Follow the simple steps in this tutorial and you´ll be using your face for sign-in in no-time.

Step 1
Open up the Start Menu on Your Computer

There are three distinct ways of doing this: you can tap on the 'Windows Logo' if your screen is tactile, press the 'Windows Keys' on your keyboard or click on the 'Windows Logo' with your mouse.

Step 2
Go to the ‘Settings’ Option

Left-click on ‘Settings’. ‘Settings’ is where you will find all the fine-tuning options for Windows 10.

Step 3
Select ‘Accounts’

Left-click on the ‘Accounts’ option of the ‘Settings’ menu. From this menu you can tweak everything related to your accounts on Windows 10.

Step 4
Select ‘Sign-In Options’

Click on the 'Sign-In' option at the left menu of your screen. Clicking on this option will populate the options for this menu on the right side of your screen.

Step 5
Set Up Windows Hello on Your Computer

One of the options of your Windows security is to enable Windows Hello, click on the ‘Set up’ button under the title ‘Face recognition’. Accessing this menu will take you to the face recognition stage.

Step 6
Enter Your 'Password'

Enter the 'Password' you regularly use in your 'Windows Account'. It is indispensable to have a 'Password' to make Windows Hello work. Your operating system is just trying to make sure it´s you the one who wants to change this setting and add his or her face as a security measure.

Step 7
Let Windows Scan Your Face with Infrared Technology

Windows will ask you to look at the camera straight and don't move while it takes your infrared picture for the 'Sign-In'.

Once it is done, Windows will take this as your main method to sign in. Next time you´re about to access your device, 'Windows Hello' will directly scan your face.