Windows 10 is known for its top-notch user interface and user experience. There are far more things on the lock screen and you can even talk with Cortana on the lock screen. With Windows Hello you can set up a face recognition interactive login or just setup a text message that will pop up when you start the device. You can also add an interactive login message in Windows 10, here’s how.

Step 1
Open Search and type secpol.msc

Click on the 'Start' menu and 'Search' for 'secpol.msc'. You will see a 'Microsoft Common Console Document'. Click on it to open 'Settings' to add the message.

Step 2
Open Local Policies

On the left-hand side search for 'Local Policies'.

Step 3
After you click on it, click again on 'Security' Options from the drop down.

Step 4
Double click 'Interactive Logon'

You can now double click on 'Interactive logon: Message text for users attempting to log on'. It will be available in the right pane. There will be more than one 'Interactive Logon', so please make sure you double click on the right one.

Step 5
Open 'Local Policy Tab'

Once you have double clicked it, you will now have to move to the local policy tab. Type anything in the text box provided and it will be the interactive message that will be displayed on the PC lock screen.

And that is how you can easily use offline maps in windows 10 with just a few clicks.