Windows 10 users may have to use certain old applications which were built for previous versions of Windows. While most such software is compatible with Windows 10, some applications may not run well, or at all, on Windows 10. However the OS gives us the option to run old apps in compatibility mode by using the settings from older versions of Windows. Here’s how to set compatibility mode for apps in Windows 10.

Step 1
‘Right Click’ On The Desired Application

First select the application you want to run in compatibility mode and ‘Right Click’ on it. This will open a pop-up menu.

Step 2
Select ‘Properties’

From the pop-up menu select the ‘Properties’ option. This will open up the properties window.

Step 3
Select ‘Compatibility’

From the Properties window click on the ‘Compatibility’ tab. This will display the 'Compatibility' options.

Step 4
Click On ‘Run The Program In Compatibility Mode For’ Option

Under the 'Compatibility' option, check ‘Run the program in compatibility mode for’ checkbox. This will activate a dropdown list of previous versions of Windows.

Step 5
Select The Required Version

From the dropdown list, select the ‘Version of Windows’ for which you want to run the application. The version will be selected once you click on it.

Step 6
Click ‘Apply’

After you have selected the required version of Windows, click on ’Apply’. This will complete the process.

This will allow you to run the application in compatibility mode for the older version of Windows you have selected. You can follow the same steps for any application.