Cortana is a personal assistant for your device, which helps you to get your things done quickly. Cortana can help you do things like opening an application, tracking flights, teams, interests, and packages. It can manage your lists as well as can create the one. It can manage your calendar and can find places, info, facts, and files. You can easily send an email using Cortana using windows 10.
Before working around with the Cortana Voice assistance, please ensure to set up Cortana Voice Assistance for your voice. Here's how to send an email with Cortana using Windows 10.

Step 1
Launch 'Cortana'

From the taskbar of your Windows 10, simply click on the 'Microphone' icon in the search bar or optionally you can say 'Hey Cortana'.

Step 2
Compose an 'Email'

From the Cortana voice assistant app, simply dictate 'Send an Email' with your voice. Next, Cortana will ask you the contact, and all you need to do is just speak out the contact name. Next, Cortana will ask you the subject. Simply speak out the subject. Cortana will also ask you the message, dictate your message.

Step 3
Send 'Email'

When you’re ready with your composed email, Cortana will ask you whether you want to 'Send', 'Make Changes' or 'Add More'. Simple say Send. Your email message will be sent successfully. You can also opt to make changes. All you need to do is just follow the voice assistant and respond accordingly.

There you go! You are now ready to send an email with Cortana using Windows 10.