Using a program as an administrator allows you to use several extra functions within it. To use this feature you need to know the administrator password of your PC, which is not the same as your profile password, or you need to be logged in as administrator. In this tutorial you will learn how to run a program or app as an administrator in your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1
Right Click on the Program

Open the 'Windows' menu by clicking on the 'Windows' button. Now hover your mouse over any of the apps and right click on it. This will open a shortcut menu.

Step 2
Select More Options

In the shortcut menu that has now opened select the more option by clicking on it and an adjacent dropdown will open.

Step 3
Run Program As Administrator

In the menu find the option titled ‘Run as administrator’ and click on it. This will launch the selected app in the administrator mode.

Step 4
Enter 'Administrator Password'

If you are not logged in as your administrator the system will ask for your 'Administrator Password'. Enter it and the app will open in administrator mode.

At a glance the features and the look of the app will remain the same even when running as an administrator. However, if you know the additional features provided in this mode you will now be able to access them.