There might be instances when the users want to restore the iPhone and go back to the last backed up version of the iPhone saved in the iCloud. Users can do this by entering the recovery mode and the iTunes application installed in the system will help you perform the restoration of your iPhone device. Here is how you can easily restore the iPhone in the recovery mode.

Step 1
Connect your iPhone Device with Computer

Firstly, the user has to ensure that the ‘iPhone Device is Connected to the Computer’ with the help of a lightning cable. This is necessary to enter the recovery mode and restore the iPhone without an iCloud password.

Step 2
Select ‘Trust’

Once the iPhone is connected to the computer, you will find a popup screen in your iPhone device. Here you will have to select the ‘Trust’ button to continue the process.

Step 3
Enter the ‘Device Passcode’

Now the user has to type the device ‘Passcode’ in the iPhone device to establish the connection with the computer.

Step 4
When you try to enter the recovery mode for the first time, you will find a dialog box as shown below in your system. Here you should click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed with the restoring of iPhone without the iCloud password.

Step 5
Press ‘Volume Up’ Button Followed by ‘Volume Down’ Button

To enter the 'Recovery Mode', the user has to first click the ‘Volume Up’ button and then the ‘Volume Down’ present on the left side of the iPhone device.

Step 6
Press the 'Power Button'

After pressing the 'Volume Up' and the 'Volume Down' button, the user has to keep ‘Pressing the Power Button’ till the iTunes logo appears on the device screen to enter the recovery mode

Step 7
Keep Pressing the Power Button Till this Screen

You will have to keep pressing the ‘Power Button' till you find the iTunes connection screen on your iPhone device screen as shown below.

Step 8
Select ‘Restore’

In the system, you will find a dialog that provides the option to restore or update your iPhone device. Select the ‘Restore’ option that would erase all settings and contents and will return back to last backed up version of the iPhone.

You can now easily restore the iPhone in recovery mode by following the above steps.