If you are using a Windows 10 laptop, you may notice that your battery icon is missing. This can be an annoyance as you cannot immediately check the power level of your laptop. However you can fix this issue quite easily. Here’s how to restore a missing battery icon in Windows 10.

Step 1
Right Click On The Taskbar To Select Settings

First you need to right click on the ‘Taskbar’. This will open a pop-up menu, from which you need to select ‘Taskbar Settings’. This will open the 'Settings' Menu.

Step 2
Click On ‘Turn System Icons On Or Off’

From the taskbar settings window, click on ‘Turn system icons on or off’ option. This will open the corresponding window.

Step 3
Find The ‘Power’ Option

From the 'System' icons window, you need to find the ‘Power’ option. Next to it you will find a toggle switch which is turned off.

Step 4
Turn The Power Switch ‘On’

Click on the ‘Power Switch’ to turn it on. It will turn blue, indicating that it is active.

Once you have completed the above steps correctly, the power icon should be restored to its position. If you need to turn it off, you can follow the same steps as listed above to do so. It’s that simple.