Users might want to do a complete factory reset of their locked iPhone when they forget their passcode. This is a tricky situation and iTunes helps you in resetting your locked iPhone without any passcode. You will need only a USB data cable to reset your iPhone. This will also allow you to enjoy a new clear version of iOS 12 software on your device. Here is how you can reset the locked iPhone without a passcode.

Step 1
Switch Off your iPhone

You might find your iPhone to be locked and disabled. In this case, to perform the reset operation on your iPhone device, you will have to ‘Switch Off your iPhone’ as shown below.

Step 2
Hold the ‘Home’ Button and Insert Cable

Secondly, the user has to keep holding the ‘Home’ button of the iPhone device as shown below. While holding, you will have to insert the USB data cable to the USB port of your iPhone device. The other end of the USB data cable is connected to the laptop where you can access the iTunes on the laptop screen.

Step 3
iTunes is Accessed

After the USB data cable establishes the connection with the laptop, you will find the iTune screen as shown below on your iPhone screen. You will be able to access the iTunes on the laptop screen to modify the settings.

Step 4
Select ‘Restore’ Option

In the iTunes application that is opened on the laptop, you will find a popup window as shown below. You need to select the ‘Restore’ option to begin the factory reset of the locked iPhone.

Step 5
Select ‘Restore' or 'Update’

You will find another popup window as shown below. You need to select the ‘Restore’ or ‘Update’ to reset your locked iPhone device with the newest iPhone software.

Step 6
iPhone Software is Installed

You will find the software to be extracted using the iTunes application and then the newest iPhone software gets installed in your iPhone as shown below. After this process, you can set your basic settings including languages, themes, etc as the locked iPhone is now reset completely.

You can now reset your locked iPhone without passcode by following the above steps.