Windows 10 is a great operating system with lots of modern tools and shortcuts that will make your life and your computer experience much better. The installation process is not too complicated but it is important to know which options to choose in your menu. Follow the simple steps in this tutorial, perform a flawless installation of Windows 10 in your computer and start enjoying all the benefits it has to offer.

Step 1
Use the USB Booting for Starting Your Computer

Power your computer on with the bootable USB connected to it. If you boot your computer with the USB booting, the first screen you shall see is the Windows 10 installation menu. Choose the 'Language', 'Time' and 'Keyboard Type' and once you have done that, click on ‘Next’.

Step 2
Start the Installation

Click on ‘Install Now’. The next screen you will see is the one that begins the installation, just click on it and you´ll be on your way.

Step 3
Activate Your Windows or Skip it if Already Activated

If you are installing Windows 10 for the first time, you have to enter the activation code given with the product. If you are simply upgrading and your Windows 10 is already activated, then all you need to do is select ‘I don´t have a product key’. Once you are done with either of the options, click on ‘Next’.

Step 4
Accept Windows License Terms

Click on the ‘I accept the license terms’ box and then click on ‘Next’. It is highly recommendable that you read them before moving on to the next screen and accept them.

Step 5
Upgrade or Custom Install

If this is the upgrade of an existing Windows in your computer, then you should choose the ‘Upgrade Install Windows’. This option will maintain all your present files. If you choose the second option which is ‘Custom Install Windows Only’ all files will be erased and your Windows will start from zero.

Step 6
Erase Your Current Windows

Choose the 'Hard Drive/Partition' in which your current Windows version is installed and click on the ‘Delete’ button. Once you have done that, click on ‘Next’.

Step 7
Install 'Windows'

Once the previous version is deleted, proceed to install 'Windows' on your computer by clicking on ‘Next’.

'The installation process takes a while and Windows will reboot your computer several times; just be patient and follow the directions in your screen to finish the process'.