Windows 10 uses Powershell for command-line which is open source and has a revamped UI too. But many people would still prefer the vintage command prompt. You can use both the command-line shells in Windows 10 but by default, you will have to use Powershell. Here’s how to open the command prompt in Windows 10.

Step 1
Open ‘Run’
Click on the ‘Start’ menu and search for ‘Run’. Hit ‘Enter’ to open the ‘Run’ app.

Step 2
Type ‘CMD’

Just type in ‘CMD’ and hit ‘Enter’. You will now have 'Command Prompt' opened in a new window.

Step 3
Win + X
‘Win + X’
will open a quick menu to select some featured apps and programs. Click on ‘Command Prompt’ to open up the ‘Command Prompt’.

Step 4
Type ‘CMD’ Search Menu

Open the ‘Start’ menu and search for ‘CMD’. Hit ‘Enter’ and you will have ‘CMD’ opened up.

And that is how you can easily open the command prompt in windows 10 with just a few clicks.