As a Windows 10 user you might often want to mirror the screen of your mobile device, or that of another computer, to your Windows 10 computer. While this may seem like a complicated operation it actually is quite simple. Windows 10 has simplified the entire process into a small number of steps. Here’s how to mirror the screen to a monitor in Windows 10.

Step 1
Open The ‘Action Center’

First, click on the ‘Action Center’ icon located at the bottom right corner of your computer screen resembling a speech bubble. This will open up the 'Action Center' Menu.

Step 2
Click On ‘All Settings’

Next, from the 'Action Center' click on the ‘All Settings’ option. This will open the 'Settings' Menu.

Step 3
Click On ‘System’

From the 'Settings' Menu, click on ‘System’. This will open up the 'System' Menu.

Step 4
Select ‘Projecting To This PC’

From the Settings Menu, select the ‘Projecting to This PC’ option. The associated menu will open in the right window panel.

Step 5
Select ‘Available Everywhere’

From the menu which appears, select ‘Available Everywhere’ or ‘Available Everywhere on secure networks’ option.

Step 6
Select ‘First Time Only’

From the ‘Ask to Project to this PC’ drop-down menu, select ‘First time only’ or ‘Every time a connection is requested’ option. This ensures you are asked each time a device wants to mirror its screen to your PC.

And you are done! Next time when a device on the same network as you want to connect to your Windows 10 PC, you will simply have to click ‘OK' on the alert pop-up which appears.