Mapping the OneDrive in your windows 10 system is an excellent useful feature. This mapping will allow you to access the files, documents, and pictures which are stored only online to download it to your windows 10 system. Here is how you can map the OneDrive as the network drive in the Windows 10 system so that you can easily access the files that are stored only online.

Step 1
Open 'Web Browser'

The user has to click the ‘Web Browser’ icon as shown below. Here the google chrome web browser icon is clicked. You can also find the web browser using the search option.

Step 2
Type ‘’ in the Address Bar

In the web browser, the user has to type the in the address bar of the web browser as shown below.

Step 3
Select ‘Sign in’ Option

In the webpage, at the top right corner, you can find a few options. The user has to click the ‘Sign in’ option to get access to the user’s network account.

Step 4
Type 'Account Credentials'

The user has to enter the ‘Microsoft Email Address’ of the account correctly to access the network drive files. Then click the ‘Next’ button

Step 5
Enter 'Password'

Now user should enter the ‘Microsoft Password’ correctly and the click the ‘Sign In‘ option as shown below to view the network account.

Step 6
Copy the ‘cid’ Value

You will now get access to your network account and its contents. ‘Copy cid’ value from the address bar of the web page as shown below by pressing ‘Ctrl + C’ to copy.

Step 7
Open 'Windows Explorer'

User should now open the 'Windows Explorer’ as shown below. You can either find the icon in the taskbar or access it through the start and search option.

Step 8
Select ‘Map Network Drive’

In the windows explorer, scroll down the options in the left pane. ‘Right-click the network’ option and now select the ‘Map Network Drive’ option from the list

Step 9
Paste the cid Value at the End of the’ link

In the map network drive dialog box, choose the drive. Then type the link ‘ copied cid value’) in the text box near to the folder option. Make sure the correct cid value is pasted at the end of the link. Click ‘Finish’ .

Step 10
Enable Checkbox for ‘Connect Using Different Credentials’

Click the checkbox for ‘Connect using different credentials’. Click the finish option and then enter your network account credentials to finish mapping OneDrive as the network drive.

Step 11
OneDrive is Added as Network Drive

Automatically you will be redirected to the 'OneDrive Account' as shown below.

You can now successfully map the OneDrive as the network drive in the windows 10 system by following the above steps.