Creating your own theme takes the tailoring experience of Windows 10 just a step forward. Once saved, it will be available for you at one click in the future. Read on and follow these simple steps to create your own theme and personalize your Windows experience even further.

Step 1
Click-Open the 'Start' Menu

Press the 'Windows' key on your keyboard, click over the 'Windows' logo at the bottom-left corner or tap on it with your fingertip if you have a tactile screen.

Step 2
Click on the ‘Settings’ option

Click on ‘Settings’ once. This is the menu where all the tweaking options of 'Windows' are located at.

Step 3
Select ‘Personalization’

Select ‘Personalization’. All the personalizing options to have a tailor-made Windows experience are available in that menu.

Step 4
Go to ‘Background’

Choose the first option at the personalization menu with a single left click. Doing this action will populate the menu on the right side of your screen.

Step 5
Choose Your 'Background Picture'

Choose the 'Background Picture' that you want for your Windows 10 desktop. You can also choose to have a slideshow or only a solid color.

Step 6
'Don't Allow Windows to Pick the Accent Color for You'

Go to the ‘Colors’ menu and switch off the slider that allows 'Windows to automatically pick an accent color' for your background. You can then pick one of your own.

Step 7
Go to ‘Themes Settings’

From the ‘Themes’ menu click on ‘Themes settings’. This action will grant you access to the settings regarding themes.

Step 8
Choose your ‘Unsaved Theme’

Your new theme will come up as first on the list, click on it to 'Select' it.

Step 9
Save Your New Theme With a Name of Your Choice

Click on ‘Save Theme’ to give it a name. This action will make it available at a click nest time you want to use it. 'Save' your theme After you´ve named it, just click on ‘Save’.

You can repeat this action as many times as you want to create all the themes you need to create.