The latest Windows 10 update dated April 2019 had the inclusion of the iconic Dynamic Lock. If you have ever stepped away from your PC and left it unattended and unlocked, you will find this new feature very useful. People who work in public open spaces and students who have roommates will also love the inclusion of the Dynamic Lock. Reading through this article will give you the steps to follow to set up your phone so that you may lock your PC whenever you step of Bluetooth range.

Step 1
Open 'Settings'

On clicking the 'Start Menu', you will find a gear. It is the settings gear, click on it.

Step 2
Select 'Devices'

After clicking on the 'Settings' menu, you will be taken to a dialogue box that lists the various Windows 10 settings on your PC. Click on the 'Devices' menu.

Step 3
Click on 'Add Bluetooth' or Other Device

Ensure that 'Bluetooth' is toggled on.

Step 3
Click on 'Add Bluetooth' or Other Device

Select the 'Add Bluetooth' or other device.

Step 4
Select the 'Bluetooth Icon'

The 'Bluetooth Icon' will help you find the nearby devices which you can pair with.

Step 5
Select the Device you Want

Wait for few minutes for your PC and mobile phone to pair. There are a few steps that you need to go through for the pairing to be complete depending on the kind of phone you have.

Step 6
Select 'Accounts' on the 'Settings Menu'

Go back to the main 'Settings' menu, find the 'Accounts' menu, and click on it.

Step 7
Choose the 'Sign In' Option

On the left panel, you will find the 'Sign-In' options. Click on it.

Step 8
Find the 'Dynamic Lock'

Scroll down to the 'Dynamic Lock' and tick the 'Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away'.

Use these steps to automatically lock your PC whenever you step away.