The user might want to know the detailed specifications of their Windows 10 PC including the different components, the hard drive capacity, and the storage specifications. This information becomes particularly handy when the user wants to download and install a software based on system configuration. In addition, this information will help the user to perform the troubleshooting process of a problem. Here is how you can know the specifications of your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1
Select the ‘System’ Option

Firstly, the user must Right-click the ‘Start Windows’ icon to view the different options as shown below. From these options, the user has to click the ‘System’ option to view system settings.

Step 2
‘About’ Information of Your System Gets Displayed

In the 'Settings Windows', you can find diverse information about your PC, the device specification including RAM details along with the Windows 10 specifications. You can also search and click the ‘About’ option in the left pane of the settings window.

Step 3
Click the ‘Storage’ Option

User must click the ‘Storage’ option from the list to settings option to view the storage specification of your Windows 10 system.

Step 4
‘Storage’ Specifications of the Drives Get Displayed’

Once you click the 'Storage' Option in the settings, you will find the ‘Storage Specifications of the Drives’ as shown below.

Step 5
Click the ‘System Information’

You can also find the Windows 10 specifications by this method. Click the ‘Start Windows’ icon and the scroll to click the ‘System Information' option.

Step 6
System Information is Displayed

Now the user will be able to see the list of ‘System Information Being Displayed’ of the Windows 10 system. You can use the find feature to find specific system information.

Step 7
Click the ‘Storage’ Option

In the system information window, users can also find the storage specifications of the Windows 10 PC. User can click the ‘Components’ option and then click the ‘Storage’ sub-option to view the storage specifications of the Windows 10 PC.

You can thus easily know the detailed specifications of the Windows 10 PC by following the above steps.