The Threshold 2 update for Windows 10 offers several new and prominent features. If your computer is overstuffed with data and is lagging behind because of it, this update can help a lot. While earlier it was not possible to save new programs and applications to other hard drive sections except C drive, which is the default drive or to the system drive, the new update lets you store Windows 10 apps on external drive, SD card, disk partitions and USB drive easily. Here are the steps to install Windows 10 to external drive:

Step 1
Choose ‘Settings’ option from the ‘Start’ menu by clicking on it.

Step 2
Choose the ‘System’ option under ‘Settings’

Step 3
Click on ‘Storage’ option located on the left side panel. Now hit on 'Change where new content is saved'.

Step 4
Scroll downward. You will find ‘Save Locations’ feature, which will have the option ‘New apps will save to’. This feature was earlier blocked, and users could only save their apps to C drive or This PC.

As you can see the above process takes just a few steps and is a breeze to complete. Once this is completed, the change is done automatically by Windows 10.