With the advent of Windows 10 and its advancements, there are significant upgrades to the file explorer. With a revamped UI, the file explorer now does more things than ever. You can now work immersive in the file explorer by hiding the navigation pane. Here’s how to hide the navigation pane in windows 10.

Step 1
Open File Explorer and Tap on ‘View’

Click on the 'Start' menu and open 'Documents' or just open up 'This PC' to view the 'File Explorer'. You can now click on the 'View' section.

Step 2
Tap on 'Navigation Pane'

Under the 'View' section, click on 'Navigation Pane' and it will drop down a menu to choose from.

Step 3
Toggle the 'Navigation Pane'

After you have clicked on 'Navigation Pane', click again on the 'Navigation Pane' to toggle it off. You can see a little tick sign to the left which tells you if the 'Navigation Pane' is enabled or not.

Step 4
Hidden 'Navigation Pane'

After you have toggled it off you can go back to see that the 'Navigation Pane' is now hidden in file explorer.

And that is how you can easily hide the navigation pane without any fuss in Windows 10.